East London band Echo Pressure return with “Boats Out On The Water”, the first of a collection of singles that the band will be releasing throughout 2018.


The first attempt at filming the video, in a disused factory space in South London, had to be abandoned when the shoot was interrupted by a break-in. A group hoping to loot the factory managed to get around the security guards and gain access to the building in large numbers. As the situation got increasingly out of hand, the police arrived, but they did not have the resources to contain the situation, and so we had to leave to stop our gear, and ourselves, from taking any damage.


Although it was a loss of time, money and effort, we cut our losses and re-filmed the video in a practice studio. This is the result.


With an expanded palette of sounds, “Boats” finds Echo Pressure combining their guitar-based setup with electronic music, drawing on garage basslines, ambient leads and drum machines alongside their core reference points of indie, punk and widescreen rock music.


Echo Pressure’s lyrics are rooted in the daily experience of life for young people in a country increasingly stacked against them; “It’s gonna cost you more than you’re gonna get out of it,” the song begins, a familiar calculation for anyone struggling against the rigged game of housing, work and opportunity in modern London.